Japanese Girl's Day

March 2017 · 1 minute read
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It’s a party for my cousin’s daughter today.


The celebration is about Japanese Girl’s Day festival called Hinamatsuri or Momonosekku. Hinamatsuri is an annual event to wish for girl’s healthy growth in Japan. This is one of the famous Japanese traditional culture.

The dolls in the picture below are called hina dolls. We display these dolls on the steps, together with peach blossoms, and rice cake cubes.


Some people believe the hina dolls can take a girl’s bad fortune. Thus, the tradition of displaying hina dolls still exists. We also believe that you have better not use your ancestor’s hina dolls to pray for a girl’s fortune. It’s said that it’s better to have your own hina dolls.

We enjoy many dishes and alcohol drinks at the party. I may have drunk too much but it is ok because there is a good memory.

Hey Sae-chan! We are praying for your happiness.


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