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January 0001 · 1 minute read
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Hi. I’m Yuichi Watanabe. Please call me Nabe. But why is my last name ends with “nabe?”

My work is a Software Engineer. There are many foreigners in our company. For example, Taiwanese, Indonesians, Swiss, Germans, Americans, Canadians and so on. Lucky to have such great members. I enjoyed developing a products with my colleagues. I need to use English at work. We usually use English and Japanese languages in communicating with each other in our workplace.

But I have a problem. I’m not good in English.

I can do a little reading and writing using English. However, particularly speaking and listening are my weak points.

So, I’ve started writing a blog in English!

The contents are quite different from other blogs. Usually my topics are technology, work, Japanese sake, sumo wrestling, music, daily life activities and so on. If I make mistakes in my English, please pardon me. If you are an engineer, would you give me a pull request on Github please? https://github.com/vvatanabe/blog.vvatanabe.com

I would like to communicate enjoyably with my colleagues using English as soon as possible.

I believe Knowing about cultures in various countries will enrich our knowledge.


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