February 2017 · 1 minute read
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I was going to go to the maternity school today. That school give some tips for those who are how to take care of their baby. For example they teach them how to wash the baby, for husband to experience how to be pregnant, experience how to take care of the baby and so on. My wife and I are looking forward to this lecture.

We arrived at the school on time, but that school doors were close.

Why is it close?

My wife took out her iPhone and to confirm. Oops! I found that the schedule was different.

We regretted the lack of schedule management. However, regretting won’t solve problem. So I wrote this diary while I was at neighborhood cafe. I should manage some tasks related childcare with “Backlog” which is one of my company’s products. Hahaha.

Backlog will make your daily tasks easier and more enjoyable, and lead your team to more enthusiasm for smoother project success.

Please look at this: https://backlogtool.com

Hey baby. Don’t worry about it. I can assure you that taking a bath will turn out fine. Because I have a track record of keeping bathing for 30 years. Take it easy!


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