About my father's birthday party

February 2017 · 1 minute read
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My father turned 70 years old on Valentines Day because his birthday was February 14. I am planning to hold a birthday party for him this Sunday. The venue will be at a Chinese Restaurant located in Tenzin. The food in that restaurant is very delicious. My wife and I have been there 3 months ago. I thought that the food and the service were really good and I was impressed. I reserved a private room. The number of attendees allowed in that room is 7 including me. My parents, younger sister, brother in law, niece and my wife will be there. I will give a digital camera as a surprise gift for my father. That camera can be used easily even by older. Because the screen is large and there are few buttons and functions. It’s very simple. And My child will be born in April so I would like my father to take pictures of my child. I am looking forward to that day.


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